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solar hot water
solar hot water
Solar Hot Water Specialist
Suntrap Solar Hot Water System
Benchmark Solar hot water offer complete solutions for the supply and installation of Solar Hot Water with Gas, LPG and Electric boosting

We deal with the most efficient, Suntrap evacuated “U” tube solar collectors, complemented by Everlast Stainless Steel tanks, to give you the highest quality, and longest lasting Solar Hot Water System available

A question we are always asked about Solar Hot Water is “What happens in cold weather, or when the sun isn’t out?”
Our answer is unlike most other inferior products on the market, the glass evacuated “U” tube collectors that we use are so efficient, that even on some overcast days, they will still be heating your hot water. If there is too much cloud cover, the backup gas or electric booster will make sure your tank is heated overnight, ready for hot morning showers. You should never run out of hot water!!!

One of the best features of our systems is the stainless steel tanks that we use, instead of glass lined tanks, although more expensive in the short term, they will last a whole longer than glass lined tanks, without having to replace the sacrificial anode – costing you money in the long tem.